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I just wanted to thank you so much for the amazing show!  It was by far the best birthday Sam has ever had.  I love that you were so patient with some of the more rambunctious children.  Everyone had an amazing time and couldn't stop talking about all of the cool animals and funny things you did.  Thank you, Thank you for driving all this way and giving our son such a happy, memorable birthday!
Tracy Beck

Hi Rich,

Thank you so much for coming on Saturday to share your knowledge and reptiles with us at the Portland Children's Museum. Your presentation was so engaging, informative, and fun. I know our visitors - young and old - thoroughly enjoyed watching and interacting with you. Thank you for helping make our Pet Month so special with your visit!


Megan Dyer  Visitor Engagement Manager
Portland Children's Museum
4015 SW Canyon Road, Portland, Oregon 97221


The Best Bang For Your Buck!

We were looking for something special to do for our snake loving son's 10th birthday when I stumbled across Richard's website. We offered our son a choice: a traditional birthday party and gift or a Reptile Man party. He chose the reptile party and it was one of the best decisions he ever made!

It's a week later and I can't set foot in my son's school without being stopped by someone raving about the show. The kids can't stop talking about it. Kids that weren't even at the party are talking about it. Even his teacher wanted to know more since the reptile interest of her students has gone through the roof.

Richard was punctual and amazingly professional. All of the animals were healthy and gorgeous. The show had exactly the right mix important information, fun facts, true-life stories, and playfulness. The fact that these city kids got to touch and hold this global array of animals was an unbeatable experience they won't soon forget. Even the kids who were a little wary of reptiles couldn't help but join in the fun.

Would I hire Richard again? Absolutely and without hesitation. The money spent on this show was some of the best money I've ever spent.

T. Butler
Portland, Oregon



Long live the reptile king!

There are a couple of rock stars for the under 10 set.  Richard Richey, aka The Reptile Man, is supreme reptile emperor as far as I am concerned.  I've seen his shows at least a dozen times and am still giddy after each performance.

The list of his free public performances are on his web site and if you have kids, or don't, I highly suggest you catch his show.  Seriously, borrow a kid if you need an excuse.

I've seen him at OMSI as part of their annual reptile show, at libraries, private parties, city parks and even corporate events.  I'd love to hire him for a birthday party but my kids seem to think lasertag is more fun.  Wrong!

His shows usually last about one hour and he presents between 15 - 20 different creatures including snapping turtles, bearded dragons, crocodiles, king cobras, rattlesnakes and puff adders.  What he does amazingly well is balance education with humor.  If you are squeamish do not sit in the front row.  Those snakes sense fear and will bite you in half and swallow you whole.  I kid.

He takes lots of volunteers from the audience to have snakes draped over their shoulders and lizards balanced on their heads. For a child's birthday party, the birthday kid is front and center and holds or is held by most of the animals. Great photo ops!  My favorite trick is when he blows a kiss to his crocodile and it 'falls asleep.'  

Sometimes you have to sit through a lot of junk being a parent.  When I go to one of his shows, I thank my lucky stars I have kids that introduced me to this amazing guy!
Jen K
West Linn, Oregon

















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