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Program Information and Requirements

Program Information and Requirements

The one-hour live reptile program or Virtual is geared to ages 5 to adult, unless most of the other kids are older. (A few younger kids in the mix is okay. ) Rich presents 15 live reptiles one at a time, and teaches about each! He asks for volunteers during the show to hold the kid-friendly animals. Rich teaches with humor and patience! Feel free to take a lot of photos! All will have a chance to see large lizards, large boas and pythons, an alligator, a snapping turtle, large tortoise, a de-venomized rattlesnake, cobra and viper, and several other reptiles (snakes.) Any snake that is venomous in the wild has been surgically de-venomized for safety! Only Rich holds those reptiles.

This is generally an indoor venue, as the reptiles' body temperature needs to be regulated at about 65 to 70 degrees. Just comfortable people temperature inside is fine.

We avoid stairs, please. (Carrying 15 reptile boxes and the speaker system up and down flights of stairs is hazardous!)

Rich needs at least 6 foot square to work out of, and 3 feet minimum between himself and the first row of kids. Kids sitting on the couches and floor is best, rather than chairs, as they get knocked over in the excitement!

If outdoors, the program needs to be in the cooler morning hours. 10:00 am or earlier. Shade is required for the reptiles, presenter, and the children. Reptiles overheat quickly in the sun.

Rich loads up all 15 reptile boxes and his speaker system on the dolly to wheel to the site, so an accessible path is needed, as well as an outlet.

So sorry, Rich can wear a face shield if needed, but cannot wear a mask. Masks muffle his speech, reduce the volume, and fog up his glasses! He can omit the volunteers usually invited up during his show, and maintain social distance while still giving an exciting program! Or, we are comfortable keeping to our regular format of taking volunteers, if that's ok with you, too!

Information needed to book:

(5 years and up)

1- In person or Virtual:

2- Name:

3- Address:

4- Phone and Email:

5- School, Scouts, Birthday, Library?

6- Birthday Childs Name:

7- Date:

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